2012 and Beyond ...

Continuation of a journey


Sample imageJuly 14, 2012 - Nicaragua was the next country on the list. Not much planned here, mainly we're treating it as a transit country.





In Costa Rica we'll slow down again and start to seriously focus on crossing the Darien Gap between Panama and Columbia. The border crossing into Nicaragua again was a sleepy affair, the last in the series, as crossing from Nicaragua into Costa Rica is your classical border nightmare, with hours long lineups, a convoluted process to say the least and "helpers" besieging you from all sides.

As in Guatemala, our bikes needed to go through "fumigation".

Clearly spraying half a tire and a few bits of the bike is not really going to do the job, but I guess it's steady employment to fight a mystery ailment.

We pushed on to a place called Sebaco. We ended up in a love motel, found all over Central America. People take their infidelity serious here. The love motels are all shielded from the main road, in that you need to drive into one to see any cars parked. Most of these places have a garage right next to the room you are renting, so you never need to be seen outside. It was somewhat comical and we embarrassed one younger couple by showing up.

The next day, I got up early and pushed on to Costa Rica. Jan was taking it easier and was going to Managua.