2012 and Beyond ...

Continuation of a journey


Places to go and see

Sample imageIn rough outlines, the trip starts in Vancouver, BC, works its way down to South America and hops over to Australia and New Zealand. Then into Asia, maybe China and beyond. India will be on the radar this time as well. I'm longing to get back to highlands of Pakistan and I might even try the Whakan Corridor. After Egypt, Africa gives pause.

In between it all, there will be "vacations" from travel, trips back to family and friends around the globe, hopefully some visitors along the way and plenty of other adventures. There is a long "bucket list" of places to experience and it will certainly change as time goes on. The "gdb" links behind the countries open up Garmin Mapsource files with the tracks per country.



Thailand gdb
Canada N/A
USA gdb
Mexico gdb
Guatemala gdb
Honduras gdb
Nicaragua gdb
Costa Rica gdb
Panama gdb
Colombia gdb
Ecuador gdb
Peru gdb
Bolivia gdb
Chile gdb
Argentina gdb
Malaysia gdb
Thailand gdb
Laos gdb
Indonesia N/A
Nepal N/A
Belgium N/A
Thailand gdb